Who we are

Founded in 1961, the company specialized in general carpentry, adding gradually a solid expertise in working with stainless steel, always focusing in small scale productions and personalized solutions.

Starting from 1990, thanks to the accumulated experience in working with steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys, with services ranging from TIG-MIG  welding, cutting, bending to design of assembly tools and jigs, we started focusing on ultralights, or light sport aircrafts, producing a fixed wing aircraft, a tandem trike, and an autogyro, in addition to maintenance and installation services for Rotax engines.

It is more than 25 years that we are in the ultralight market today, and we have shipped our products in several countries all over the world. We have a passionate and faithful base of customers that enjoy full satisfaction in owning and flying our gyrocopters.

The highly specialized activity and knowledge base developed in our engine activity, has evolve over the years and today we are professionally equipped to offer full maintenance services including general overhauls on 2 and 4 stroke engines of different brands. For this we have a complete test bench for engines up to 180hp, which has served also for helping us develop our own aftermarket turbo application for 912 engines, which today are appreciated al lover the world and are marketed under the brand Vz POWER (www.912turbokit.com).