two seater tandem gt

surprisingly good performances

The GT is the most successful product of the range : it offers an outstanding comfort both for pilots and passenger. In flight it is reactive, sporty and safe at the same time. The GT has been certified by the DULV under strict German standards, and has proven itself as a very sound product with surprisingly good performances.

Reliability is the key of this gyrocopter, which is currently flying in many countries around the world since 2008.

  • Rotax  912 ULS  100HP
  • Rotax  914 UL    Turbo   115 HP
  • Rotax  912 UL     turbo    120 HP
standard configuration

Cabin, with door to the pilot, carbon
Carbon tail
Dual pilot passenger control
Tire trim
Double gas handle
Wheel cover
Pneumatic brakes
54 lt tank
instrument panel for the passenger
Pneumatic rotor brake
Rotor we produce aluminum extruded
Elica duc wind spoon
Seat covers in waterproof fabric
Large windshield for the pilot and the passenger
Belts 4 points per pilot and passenger
Electric light and strobe electrical system

standard instruments panel

Speed indicator
Magnifoul pressure for turbo versions (914)
Pressure indicator and trimmer rotor brake
Rotor tachometer
Engine tachometer
Water temperature
Oil temperature
Oil pressure indicator
Fuel pressure index
Fuel level indicator
Radio and transponder predisposition

aditional equipment

metallic paint
Luggage compartment (20L)
Possibility to install tundra wheels
Self-healing cover
Propeller protection
Navigation lights and strobe lights
GPS Navigator
Radio Funkwerk ATR833
Transponder S TRT800
914ULS Dual Pointer Engine Exhaust Gas Temperature
Rear dashboard complete with instruments for the passenger or instructor
Double idaulic brake for the instructor (gyro school)

technical data
ROTAX 912 ULSROTAX 914 UL Turbo & 912 Turbo
empty weight265 kg272kg
Maximum take-off weight550 kg550 kg
Maximum speed VNE178 km/h178 km/h
cruise speed130 km/h140 km/h
Minimum speed35 km/h 35 km/h
Climbing rate5 m/sec6 m/sec
Takeoff100 m80 m
flight range350 km350 km